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11-Inch Wide Mouth Ice Bag

Our Ice bags come in two size options: 9 and 11-inch.

Our new and improved design includes an easy grip screw top lid and our extra wide opening (6cm) means you'll be filling up your ice bag in no time!

The polyurethane (PU) fabric reduces condensation and allows our ice bags to stay cold (or warm) for longer periods of time. We have sourced the best material possible to ensure our ice bags are water tight, durable and soft on the skin.

The 11-inch Ice Bag is suitable for Medium & Large Universal, Shoulder, Back & Hip designs.

Instructions for use:

1. Unscrew the lid and fill 2/3 with ice or hot tap water (not boiling).

2. Secure the lid firmly and place through the hole of our joint specific neoprene straps. 

3. Empty and drain after each use.

* Do not place in freezer after use as the melted ice will freeze solid and you will risk puncturing the ice bag. 

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