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BodyICE Sustainability Carbon Neutral


Science says we have just nine years to make the changes needed to tackle climate change. Overwhelming? Yes. An opportunity? Also, yes.

Solutions to climate change exist, they just need funding. If we can drive investment into these projects, we can cut our emissions and get on the right path to a zero-carbon future and a balanced, healthy climate.

We care deeply for people and the planet. We want to help people recover from injury and achieve personal wellness without harming the environment.

We are fully aware that we cannot make and deliver products to your door without leaving a carbon footprint. But we are 100% committed to delivering products that you'll use over and over and are of premium quality. 

We're proud to announce that we are officially a Climate Neutral Certified brand. With the help of Climate Neutral and 1% Of The Planet, we have calculated the emissions from making and shipping our products to your doorstep. We have then offset all 620 tonnes of carbon by investing in nature-based climate change solutions, including reforestation and soil regeneration projects as we believe this is where we can have our greatest impact. Just to put into context, offsetting 620 tonnes of carbon is equivalent to the energy used by 75homes for one year!

BodyICE (including all brands) is now one of 300+ companies that is committed to leading the way to sustainable business practice. We not only care about you, our customer, but every member of our supply chain and we ensure that our employees, our suppliers and their employees are paid and treated fairly.

To further reduce our emissions, we are also committed to maintaining a remote office working environment and shifting as much of our manufacturing to Australia as possible. We will continue to research and use sustainable materials, packaging and investigate recycling options for our products. There's so much to do but if we all do our bit in helping protect and preserve our planet, we (humans) may just stick around a little while longer to enjoy it. 

Climate change requires immediate action - there isn't a minute to waste when it comes to decarbonising our planet. If every company were to measure, offset, and reduce their emissions right now, we can accelerate this journey. We believe this should be standard practice.

Look for the Climate Neutral Certified label every time you shop to support the companies that are taking immediate action on climate change. Tell your favourite companies that you want them to #beclimateneutral.

Together, we can solve the climate challenge.