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  • WEEKEND GOALS: A bit of R&R, a bit of adventure, a bit of sun, and a whole lotta fun. ☀️💦 #liveelevated #restandrecovery #goproanz #bodyicerecovery
📸: @samearp via @goproanz
  • TOP 5 RECOVERY MEALS || New Blog! 👆 You probably know how crucial it is to fuel up prior to a workout or race, but are you aware of how important it is to refuel properly afterwards? A sometimes-overlooked pillar of training is the recovery meal. Check out our top 5 recovery meals to help you rebound to optimal health on our blog! (Link in profile) 👆 #blog #bodyicerecovery
  • Don't ignore pain. 🙅‍♂️ Many of us "soldier on" when a bothersome joint or muscle is under stress. What may be a few days of recovery could turn into a bigger, problematic injury. Listen to your body and apply the RICE treatment: Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation ❄️. Check out @body_ice Recovery for effective cold compression therapy. 💪 #wellnesswednesday #restandrecovery #rice #bodyicerecovery
  • Ice ice baby ❄️❄️❄️
Conquer tired or sore muscles & joints and be back in peak form before you can say "DOMs" 😉❄️🔥
#ice #doms #BodyICEMe
  • Seeking peak performance? Get ultimate recovery with @body_ice targeted ice & heat compression systems, in-store at @rebelsport. 💪❄️ #bodyicerecovery #recoverbetter #bodyiceme #peakperformance
  • It's FriYay. Sometimes you just need something that's going to hit the spot. 🥑🙌 #recoveryfood #avocado #eggs #friyay
📸: @meresnuttykitchen
  • MY CYCLING ESSENTIALS by @sarahcycling_ninja 👆 New Blog! || @body_ice Ambassador, Sarah Riley shares her top 5 cycling essentials to keep her on her A-Game! Taking advantage of effective preparation and recovery tools that are EASY & DO-ABLE is KEY for peak performance. Check out what Sarah's secrets are on our blog 👆 (link in profile). #blog #cyclinglife #bodyicerecovery
Cycling 📸: @higherperspectivephotography
  • #TipTuesday: Mix a solution of 2 parts water and 1 part alcohol (such as methylated spirits) and pour into your BodyICE Recovery ice pack. This solution prevents the liquid from freezing solid, allowing you to stash the ice pack in the freezer when not in use!
NOTE: As alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than water, the ice pack will be colder than regular ice. Take care when using by placing a thin towel between the ice pack and your skin to ensure you don't harm yourself. ❄️❄️❄️ #lifehack #cyclelife #recoverbetter
  • After a 133km ride at 28.6km, you deserve a good recovery break 😅🚴‍♀️ Totally inspired by @trudy_tri_run 🙌 What will you get up to this weekend? #friyay #weekend #liveelevated #bodyicerecovery