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  • We have something special for you this Black Friday 😎 #blackfriday #watchthisspace #staytuned #bodyicerecovery
  • Remember the days when you had to stick your entire limb in snow in order to get effective cold therapy treatment? Jk 😉. Olympic Champion and @body_ice Founder, @lydialassila, created a solution for ultimate, effective hot and cold therapy treatment.
Take control of your recovery - whether it's rebounding from injury or surgery, keeping pain & inflammation at bay, or simply managing post-workout muscle soreness ❄️️.
Check out our @body_ice Recovery range on our website (link in profile 👆). #recoverbetter #snow #coldcompress #bodyicerecovery
  • ❤️ RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS ❤️ We are SUPER excited to introduce our newest project to GIVE BACK. Each month we're committing to giving back to the community by offering gifts, freebies, or donations in our "Random Act of Kindness". You can go into the draw to win our (totally RANDOM) monthly RAK by sharing your BodyICE stories and photos with us and tagging #BodyICEME! Stay tuned for our first Random Act of Kindness coming soon!! #RandomActofKindness #watchthisspace #giveback #BodyICE
❄️ @body_ice Back & Hip icepack and compression to #recoverbetter
❄️ Foam roller to roll out the knots
❄️ Hat because we have SUN today ☀️🙌
❄️ Water, water, and more water 💦
❄️ Tunes please 🎵
#mondaymotivation #summervibes #BodyICERecovery
  • Icing on the run.... literally 😜❄️ Can't stop won't stop! Our BodyICE joint-specific icepacks come with sturdy, neoprene compression straps, so you can apply effective cold therapy on-the-go 🏃. Featured is our Medium Universal 👆 Check out our full range on our website. #recoverbetter #coldcompress #BodyICERecovery
  • Got a race or competition coming up? Check out our new blog! "What to Eat Before You Race for Ultimate Performance" 👆 (link in profile) ||
This is one day when you want to be on your A game. The last thing you need is to run out of fuel or feel "off" when it counts! So, let's smash this thing out of the park 😉. Get the full picture. Check out the full article in our blog! 👆  #blog #healthblog #fitnessblogger #BodyICERecovery
There is probably nothing worse than the feeling of running out of energy while we compete in a race. Its as if you can see the medal being hung around your opponents neck as you fall behind second after second. So, how do we fuel ourselves leading up to and during the event to peak perform when it counts? We've broken it down for you and included all the key points, so you can easily implement a winning formula for race day. Check out our full article on our blog (link in profile 👆). #blog #healthblog #fitnessblogger #BodyICERecovery
  • #TipTuesday: Don't ignore pain. Sounds obvious, but in reality, many of us "soldier on" when a bothersome joint or muscle is under stress. What may be a few days of rest and recovery could turn into a bigger, problematic injury. Listen to your body and apply the RICE treatment: Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation ❄️. BodyICE Small Universal is custom-designed to fit smaller areas such as your ankles, elbows, and wrists. Fill with ice, apply neoprene strap firmly for compression, raise the problem area, and let it rest 😉. Find out more on our website 👆 #restandrecovery #recoverbetter #bodyicerecovery
  • When you fall flat, you have two choices: Resignation or Resilience. The former leaves you small, the latter creates giants. Rebuilding takes courage; you need to figure out how to dig deep, and you learn just how deep your tank really is. Now, that's what you get from pursuing your dreams in the face of failure, rejection, or injury. It's powerful stuff.
Bounce back from injuries powerfully. Check out BodyICE Recovery Cold & Heat Compression systems on our website (link in profile 👆). #recoverbetter #comeback #herosjourney #BodyICERecovery

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