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  • @body_ice is the athletes choice to reduce pain and inflammation. Aussie Pro Basketballer @alicekunek uses our BodyICE Shoulder off the court, to keep her at her best on the court 🏀🥇
  • Where are our cycling fans at? Have you been keeping up with the @giroditalia ?!
We definitely think that after riding 3.5K km’s these guys would need some serious @body_ice attention...🤔😂
📸 @jakebirtwhistle
  • #Success is a natural consequence of consistent momentum...Don’t stop moving forward 🙌🏽
  • You don’t have to be a competitive swimmer to know the benefits swimming can have on your recovery...Who uses swimming as a recovery tool?
  • Don’t feel ham-strung with your injuries... 😜 Our Large Universal pack is the perfect hot or cold recovery tool for larger joints and limbs. Find it now online at the link in our bio @body_ice
  • Don’t stop because it’s the weekend. Get a head start on the new week!
  • At some stage you may be struggling to eat clean 😓. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day we have a great super charged scrambled egg recipe that will keep you charged and ready to tackle the day! Check out our Supercharged Scrambled recipe blog in our bio link @body_ice
  • Do you make the most of your mornings? Or are you a night owl 🦉 that loves to sleep in and train in the evenings? Let us know!👇🏼
  • How bad is a sprained ankle 😓 Especially when you haven’t finished your workout! Don’t let a sprained ankle take longer to heal then it needs too...Our Small Universal is the perfect ice or heat pack for injuries affecting small joints and areas, getting you back on your feet FAST.