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  • ✨WIN!! ✨ Share your favourite photo of your @body_ice product, tag #BodyICEME and go in the draw to win our Random Act of Kindness (#RAK)!! It's a gift from us to you ☺️. We're giving out a totally RANDOM freebie each month, so stay tuned!! 🙌 #RandomActofKindness #win #giveback #BodyICE
  • No matter what sport, no matter what age, recovery is important for everyone. 😉❄️ Love this shot from @juliecorletto_ Netball Clinics! Great to see kids getting active and playing sport! 🏐🙌 #recoverbetter #healthandwellness #bodyicerecovery
  • Speedy Recovery Smoothie! 🍌 
Throw into the blender:
• 1 c spinach
• 1/2 frozen banana
• 1/2 ripe avocado
• 1/2 cup mango (fresh or frozen)
• coconut water to desired consistency
Whizz it up, slurp it up, chillax. ✌️️️️Drink after workouts, have it for breakfast, or just whenever you feel like it. 😋
#wellnesswednesday #greensmoothie #recoverbetter #bodyicerecovery
  • RUNNING TIP: Sore ankles or knees from your run? Apply ice. Ice can decrease pain, inflammation, and swelling while enhancing healing. ❄️ BodyICE Small Universal is the perfect fit for ankles. Find out more on our website 👆 #tiptuesday #runningtip #BodyICEMe
📸 : @activeandnourished
  • Want to feel good tomorrow? Don't skimp on your recovery regime after training or exercise! Ice down pain & inflammation, roll out the knots, re-hydrate, and chill 🤞😎❄️ Find out more on our website 👆 #mondaymotivation #summervibes #BodyICERecovery
  • WEEKEND GOALS: A bit of R&R, a bit of adventure, a bit of sun, and a whole lotta fun. ☀️💦 #liveelevated #restandrecovery #goproanz #bodyicerecovery
📸: @samearp via @goproanz
  • TOP 5 RECOVERY MEALS || New Blog! 👆 You probably know how crucial it is to fuel up prior to a workout or race, but are you aware of how important it is to refuel properly afterwards? A sometimes-overlooked pillar of training is the recovery meal. Check out our top 5 recovery meals to help you rebound to optimal health on our blog! (Link in profile) 👆 #blog #bodyicerecovery
  • Don't ignore pain. 🙅‍♂️ Many of us "soldier on" when a bothersome joint or muscle is under stress. What may be a few days of recovery could turn into a bigger, problematic injury. Listen to your body and apply the RICE treatment: Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation ❄️. Check out @body_ice Recovery for effective cold compression therapy. 💪 #wellnesswednesday #restandrecovery #rice #bodyicerecovery
  • Ice ice baby ❄️❄️❄️
Conquer tired or sore muscles & joints and be back in peak form before you can say "DOMs" 😉❄️🔥
#ice #doms #BodyICEMe