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Injury Ice Packs

It’s no secret that icing an injured body part with an ice pack is an effective way to begin the recovery process after an injury. Ice packs reduce blood flow to an area, reducing inflammation and slowing swelling which can be the cause of pain in joints, muscles and tendons. It also provides a soothing numbing feeling, which is very important after sustaining a painful injury.

As an Australian Olympian, Lydia Lassila was well-acquainted with the process of recovering from injury. After suffering a serious knee injury which sidelined her for 16 months, she became acutely aware of her own need for a quality ice pack to treat her injuries. This led her to design a range of injury ice packs that don’t leak, don’t quickly lose temperature and don’t move out of place. This is where BodyICE was born!
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Recovering from Injury with an Ice Pack

Sports injuries can show up in any number of places on the body. As a result, our injury ice packs are made in a number of shapes and sizes, all of which can be applied to common problem areas around the body. Our ice packs for injuries are also:

  1. Leak-resistantto prevent annoying water puddles from forming as ice slowly melts from exposure to body heat
  2. Fixed in placeusing straps, isolating them to the problem area with minimal effort required to keep them in place
  3. Versatile,allowing them to be fixed to any injured area of the body. They can also be used in a number of ways including injury recovery, post-surgery care and relief from arthritis or general soreness
  4. Well-insulatedto prevent the packs from losing temperature rapidly, while also preventing the possibility of frost burn to the skin.

Our Range of Injury Ice Packs 

Our range of ice packs for injuries include:

  1. Small Universal Packsfor ankles, elbows and wrists,
  2. Medium Universal Packsfor knees,
  3. Large Universal Packsfor hamstring, thigh or groin,
  4. Shoulder Ice Packsthat strap across the torso,
  5. Back & Hip Packsthat strap across the waist,
  6. Ice Packs for Kidswhich are kid-friendly, and
  7. Women’s Ice Packs to aid in pre and post-natal recovery.

Find the full range of ice packs for injuries from BodyICE below!

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