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Reusable Ice Packs

The range of Reusable Ice Packs from BodyICE were designed to provide Australians with the ice and heat treatment they require to recover from injuries and soreness. Founded by former Olympic Australian athlete Lydia Lassila, BodyICE products build off first-hand experiences with serious injury and the importance of a stable recovery period.

Through her recovery, Lydia was able to recognise that the reusable ice packs available to the Australian public fell short of her needs, often leaking, losing temperature too quickly and requiring extra effort in order to stay in the desired place on the body.

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Benefits of BodyICE’s Reusable Ice Pack Range

Off the back of this wealth of knowledge, the range of reusable ice packs from BodyICE offer tried and true relief from pain, swelling and soreness.

  • Our reusable ice packs are joint-specific, allowing you to isolate your ice packs onto problem areas efficiently and comfortably. If you have been sidelined for an extended period with an injury, or have an ongoing issue that is specific to one area of the body, our ice packs make for the perfect solution.
  • Our ice packs are made with durable materials, including stretchy neoprene support to hold them in place on your injury.
  • Our products can also double as either an ice pack or heat pack. Provide relief for acute pain and swelling with ice and soothe ongoing stiffness with heat.

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The Full Range of BodyICE Reusable Ice Packs

Relieve your ankle, elbow, wrist, knee, thigh, hamstring, groin, shoulder, back or hip with an ice pack that can sit firmly in place on the problem area. Our ice pack range includes:

Our range includes products that are specific to other uses too. We have maternity ice packs for women, and kid-friendly ice packs for the little ones in your life.

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