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Perineal Ice Packs

Giving birth to a child can be a wonderful experience for a woman, but it is not always without its complications.

After the birth of your child, you may feel sore and tender in your perineal area, but have no fear, BodyICE has developed perineal ice packs for postpartum care, so you can soon feel comfortable and back to normal in no time.
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Why Use Perineal Ice Packs?

BodyICE has created a special range of ice and heat packs for women to support you through your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. Exclusively designed by Lydia Lassila, a mum to two boys whose personal experience led to the creation of perineal ice packs, our range can offer comfort and relief when you need it most.

Your body goes through a lot during childbirth and ice packs are a great natural way to relieve the symptoms of pain, swelling and tenderness.

During childbirth, the perineum, which is the area between your vagina and anus may suffer a tear as your baby makes their way into the world. Women can also be given an episiotomy (a small cut to help the baby leave the birth canal).

When you experience a perineal tear, you will most likely be given stitches to help with the healing of your perineal wounds, which can often feel sore and tender for a few days, and sometimes weeks, after you have given birth.

Regardless of whether you have a perineal tear or not, you will probably still feel sore and swollen making our cooling perineal packs ideal for your aftercare. They are safe to use, have TGA certification and come with five perineum sleeves for sanitation reasons.

It is important to keep the perineal area clean after birth to minimise the risks of infection, so after each use of your perineal ice pack, make sure you dispose of the sleeve. You can purchase additional sleeves for your perineal pack separately if required.

Using our specially designed perineal ice pack will bring welcome relief to your perineum, reducing swelling and tenderness. They are also designed long enough to treat haemorrhoids and are easy to pop inside your knickers and mould their shape to fit you perfectly giving you much-needed relief where you need it most.

Australian-Made Perineal Ice Packs For Postpartum Care

Our products have been designed specifically with mums in mind and our perineal ice packs are available throughout Australia, bringing welcome relief and allowing you to recover better and feel more like your normal self.

We also offer breast packs to help you with your onward breastfeeding journey.

Our products are available online throughout the day and night. We know how important it is to you to receive your products quickly, which is why all orders are shipped within 24 hours when you order between Monday – Friday (8am-5pm). If you live within Australia, you can choose Express Post, where you will receive your order within 1-2 working days.

Feel More Comfortable with Perineal Packs

We offer free shipping within Australia when your order exceeds $100, so it’s a good idea to stock up. Check out our range of Kids Ice Packs, an innovative staple for your first aid kit.

BodyICE are with you on your journey to recovery.

Here at BodyICE we're extremely proud of our products. Our range of perineum strips is designed by Lydia Lassila, an Australian Olympic champion who is familiar with what it takes to recover from injury, be it from sports or motherhood. Be sure to check out our post birth ice packs and cold packs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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