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BodyICE Timo The Tiger - Kids Ice and Heat Pack to Soothe Knocks and Bruises


Hi I’m Timo the tiger. I am the largest member of the cat family and my species are endangered.

Use me as an ice or heat pack to cool and soothe knocks and bruises or when you just want a warm cuddle. You can even use me to keep your lunch and snacks cool and fresh!

• I’m durable and reusable!
• I'm made to last and provide instant relief.
• Straps are included to keep me in place
• Use me as hot or cold
• I’m filled with fun and flexible non-toxic gel beads
• Directions for how to use me are on the back of my pack

Placing an icepack on a child can be intimidating and a little scary which is why we created BodyICE Kids! Our ice packs are of premium quality and conveniently come with easy to use straps to keep them in place. They are cute and colourful, and are designed to cool and soothe knocks and bruises, providing instant comfort when your little one needs it most.

Our cooling pads are made from medical grade PVC and contain non-toxic gel beads which are super fun for tactile play. You can store our ice packs in the freezer so that they're ready for children to grab when needed (or for play time) or simply microwave them to use as a warming heat pack.

Simple, fun, safe and affective cold compress for kids! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Grandkids love them

Our grandkids were so excited to receive their package with four different BodyIce Kids ice packs. They use them for all their bumps and bruises and with two little rough housing wrestling boys, that's quite alot. Now they just argue about who gets which animal ice pack.

Siobhan Stephenson
BodyICE Timo The Tiger - Kids Ice and Heat Pack to Soothe Knocks and Bruises

Great little ice packs for the kids. More likely to let you put the ice on, as they like looking at the animal