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Supporting Your Breast Milk Supply and Post-Birth Recovery

October 13, 2020 1 min read

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New mamas and mamas-to-be, this video by Caia practitioner Brittany Darling is a must-watch! 


Brittany gives some great advice on nutrition for supporting your breastmilk supply. You will also learn which foods and supplements can assist in your recovery from both vaginal and caesarean births.



Brittany Darling is an accredited nutritionist and herbalist with over 8 years’ experience, and is an expert contributor with publications including The Grace Tales, Sporteluxe, and Body and Soul. Since becoming a mum, she has turned her focus to paediatric nutrition, as well as preconception, fertility optimisation, IVF support, pregnancy, lactation and post-natal nutrition. 



For additional support during this time, BodyICE Woman and Caia have got you covered. A care team of Caia women’s health experts are available to answer all of your questions, on demand.  And our BodyICE Women range of ice and heat packs provide relief when and where you need it most. 


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