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Raw Snickers Bar Recipe

September 24, 2019

Raw Snickers Bar Recipe

Do you ever get that craving for some chocolate and caramel? Perhaps with some peanuts added in? Time for a Snickers Bar, right?

When that sugar craving hits, don’t reach for the commercial variety – instead try my snickers inspired recipe. It’s made from whole foods, free from refined sugar, is gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegans. But best of all – they taste delicious!

This recipe works well made in a slice tin, or you could just as easily use a mini muffin tin to make little cups of chocolatey caramely goodness. The biggest challenge is stopping at just one!

Prep Time: Approximately 10 minutes

Quantity: Makes approximately 20 small snickers bars


400g medjool dates (pitted)

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

100g pure peanut butter

1.5 cups puffed brown rice

80g roasted (unsalted) peanuts, roughly chopped

Chocolate Top:

 ½ cup coconut oil

½ cup pure maple syrup

½ cup cacao powder

½ teaspoon sea salt

  1. Grease and line a slice tin with baking paper
  2. Place dates, peanut butter and vanilla extract in food processor and blend until it forms a thick paste, stopping to scrape down the sides. If the mixture feels a bit dry you may need to add a couple of drops of water
  3. Place the paste into a large mixing bowl, add the puffed rice and peanuts and mix together
  4. Press mixture into the base of the slice tin. You may find the mixture easier to work with if you dampen your hands with water

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