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Bike Essentials for Kids BodyICE Australia

Bike Essentials for Kids

Kids require all the love and care that parents can give.  So, when it comes to hobbies, it always helps if parents are hands-on and there to provide guidance when needed.  This is especially true for hobbies which come with a level of risk.

One perfect example of this is bike riding.  Bike riding is a blast! It’s perfect exercise and fun to learn especially when done with friends. But boy, it comes with a learning curve, and even once mastered practicing key safety guidelines is important for protecting kids’ health and wellbeing. Getting your bike essentials together helps you stay prepared for any circumstance!

Over the past 40 years or so, there has been a steep decline in children who are physically active throughout Australia. Getting kids out and about, developing strength, and exercising is more important than ever. What better way to explore the world than on a two-wheeled contraption! The exhilaration and joy are impossible to avoid, but there are a few bike essentials that parents should always prepare for to ensure safety basics are practiced and instilled.

The Right Helmet with the Perfect Fit

We all know that kids need a helmet when bike riding, but it may help to know why. Wearing a helmet is compulsory in Australia, as helmets protect kids from serious head injuries. No matter how comfortable your child may be on a bike, it’s not hard to take a spill. Protective headwear provides a defensive barrier to your child’s head in the event of an impact. Finding a helmet that fits your child perfectly is key!  Helmets are not one of those purchases where you let them “grow into it”. Make sure helmets are properly fitted.

A Bike Bell for the Kids

Another one of our bike essentials is a bike bell! Bike bell is important to keep kids out of harm’s way and warn pedestrians of their presence.  Using a bell to notify pedestrians allows kids to pass safely and comfortably.  Every bike brand also has a wide selection of bells so any brand will do.

Ice Packs or Gel Packs for the Learning Days

Let’s face it. Chances are, there are going to be some bumps and bruises along the way. After all, that’s simply how we learn new skills! An ice pack ensures that scrapes and knocks are instantly soothed through natural cold compress. Cold compress is a staple first aid necessity, as it helps prevent swelling and inflammation, while also provide calming relief for pain. For younger kids, BodyICE Kids offer a range of colourful, cute gel bead packs, which are non-toxic, reusable, and complete with a strap to hold them in place. As your child gets older, a sturdier, cold compression system such as BodyICE Recovery’s Small Universal  will provide targeted, effective remedial therapy for injuries or wounds.

What Else Can You Do at Home?

Now that you know the basics that should be on your children’s bike essentials checklist, what else can you do to help them along the way? We’ve got a fabulous acronym for you: S.O.M.E. L.O.V.E.

This would stand for Support, Optimism, Medical training, Essential safety basics, Learning Curve, Over-all positive outlook in life, Value, and Encouragement.

Support – Your child needs all the support that she can get from you. If your child is finding it difficult to pick up, or getting frustrated, knowing that you’ve got their back no matter what goes so far. Besides, who doesn’t love a cheer squad who rallies for you every time you hit a new milestone?! Definitely top on the bike essentials list.

Optimism – A parent who is optimistic tends to reflect such optimism to their child.  When your child feels that you are there beaming with positive energy, that energy becomes contagious!

Medical Training – Studies have shown that when children know what they are going through, it gives them more power over the situation. Talking to your child about first aid and helping them learn how to deal with bruises or booboos gives them the tools to help them deal with it emotionally.

Essential Safety Basics – The best part about kids is that they are curious beings.  “Why?” is probably something you hear… literally millions of times a day. In all seriousness, take advantage of their curiosity and explain that there are safety basics that each child should follow.

Learning Curve – It’s not uncommon for kids to get upset when they don’t get it right the first time.  Help set an expectation that learning new skills takes time, patience, and practice.

Over-All Positive Outlook in Life – With positivity comes confidence and resilience. After all, your kids are going to change the world!

Value – “Value” covers two important concepts; both symbolic value, and cost. Show your kids you value your time together, regardless of how awesome or haywire the bike riding session went! In addition, begin to set the notion that hobbies and equipment have a cost. It’s not so much about the number, but more so, instilling that such activities are not expendable. This sets the stone for appreciating the privilege it is to own a bike and run a bike.

Encouragement – finally, parents should know how to continuously encourage their children.  This means being interested, enthusiastic, and involved in their hobbies. When parents are there for the children, magical things happen.

Above all things, enjoy the “ride”!! Soon enough your child will be ready to take the training wheels off (last pun), so make lasting memories of this fabulous activity!

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