Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings

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Elite sportspeople think and feel in specific ways to achieve outstanding physical performances. Now you can use the same champion thoughts and feelings to succeed in sport, business, relationships, and your career.

This book shows you how to immediately change negative thinking, non-constructive feelings and limiting behaviours to take charge of your life, right now!

Read this book and apply the ideas in your life to experience greater success, fulfillment and prosperity.

Some Champion Thoughts...
  • Aim high – knowing that the quality of the goals you choose influences your character.
  • Live with heart – having chosen your path, you pursue it with gusto.
  • Never give up – understanding that ability comes only through persistence.
  • Believe in yourself – even when others doubt you, you have confidence in yourself.
  • Are positive – recognising that no good ever comes from negativity.
Some Champion Feelings...
  • Joy – a feeling on intense happiness.
  • Enthusiasm – a feeling of being fully alive and energized.
  • Purpose – a feeling of certainty and direction in your life.
  • Determination – a feeling of being fully committed to a task or goal.
  • Courage – a feeling of strength in the face of adversity or risk.
  • Focus – a feeling of pinpoint concentration.

Author: Jeffrey Hodges, founder of Sportmind.


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