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BodyICE Woman Mama Zoe Hayes shares her experiences and feelings during the first few days postpartum.

“How is it my pregnancy dragged out & felt like a lifetime waiting on my littlest babe to enter the world for me to literally blink & he be five days old already!? 

It’s like he’s been here the entire time & getting back into “normality” has never felt so good! 

My pregnancy left me crippled, out of breath, frail & exhausted so to be able to stand the entire length of cooking a meal feels so darn good! 

I hated my postpartum body after my first pregnancy but after this second birth I’ve fallen in love with my body & I am incredibly proud of its resilience & the “bounce back” in strength I’ve had. I’m still insanely swollen from fluid retention & also the fluid that was mistakenly injected into the muscles in my back is still causing me some discomfort. 

Now don’t think sliding into the title of mum of two has been completely smooth sailing for me. Our baby boy had a few small challenges that has meant very minimal sleep. However my mental state this time around is in a totally different place because I feel so much more ‘prepared’, but also because I’m extremely vigilant of what my body needs. 

On day five with Zahara the baby blues hit (thankfully only for one day) & so today I’ve been conscious that perhaps those hormones might start to kick in, but I think that’s helped more because I’m so in tune with my feelings & openly discussing my thoughts with loved ones. 

Breastfeeding so far is far more successful than what it felt with Zahara because I’m also using the breast pump this time & it seems to have helped increase my supply - HUGELY. 

The BodyICE Woman ice packs have been brilliant in providing relief for my very hot & engorged melons + wearing the wireless bralette is providing the ultimate comfort! 

Day five postpartum- I may not love the way I physically look but I sure as heck love the way I feel & of course this could all change in the blink of an eye- who knows tomorrow could be a complete train wreck & endless tears could flow but when it comes to parenting- (the hardest gig known to human kind) it’s really important to celebrate & appreciate those victories; big or small.”

We are so proud of all our BodyICE Woman real mums and their journey into motherhood... so happy that our Breast Pads have been helping Zoe Hayes. You can find our BodyICE Woman Breast Pads on our website HERE.

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The Blog BodyICE Australia
The Blog BodyICE Australia

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