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Relieving growing pains in kids
BodyICE Kids

Relieving Growing Pains in Kids

Understanding and Treating Kids Leg Pains As parents, we often witness our children experiencing discomfort and pain, particularly during their growth spurts. These episodes of leg pain, commonly ...

BodyICE KidsConquering Cold & Sniffles Season: Protecting and Healing Your Little Ones with BodyICE Kids

Conquering Cold & Sniffles Season: Protecting and Healing Your Little Ones with BodyICE Kids

Ah, cold and flu season has arrived - the time when runny noses and coughs seem to be lurking around every corner. As parents, we want to do everything we can to keep our little ones healthy and he...

BodyICE KidsIce & Heat Therapy on Kids

Using Ice & Heat Therapy on Kids: The Surprising Benefits

Ice & Heat Therapy On Kids Being a parent means always wanting to make your child feel better, no matter what ails them, whether it's a bump, bruise, or illness. Luckily, using heat and cold th...

BodyICE KidsTreating scraped knees

6 Simple Steps To Treat Scraped Knees In Toddlers

As our little ones learn to walk, run and play, they often take a few tumbles and scrapes along the way (the rhyme wasn’t intentional but it’s kind of cute, don’t you think?)     Cute poems aside, ...

BodyICE KidsNosebleeds in toddlers

How to treat a blood nose in your toddler

Nosebleeds in toddlers can be very messy, and sometimes scary and can be caused by an array of things, such as little fingers picking noses, blowing too hard or from knocks and bumps during playtim...

BodyICE KidsSummer snack ideas for kids


Simple summer ideas that you can make in 5 minutes or less to help fuel little bodies with fresh, healthy and delicious nutrients. 

BodyICE KidsHow to prepare for Day Care


Putting bub into day care for the first time can be a daunting time for new parents. Mum to 2 year old Theo, Cara shares her story and advice for other mums on the cusp of day care preparation (we ...

BodyICE KidsThe Blog BodyICE Australia

Best Immunity Boosters For Kids

Although we can’t prevent kids from picking up snotty nosed germs (they literally put EVERYTHING in their mouths at the moment!), we can help support them nutritionally as they get through the wint...

BodyICE KidsA First Aid Kit for Your Kids: what to pack and how to use it BodyICE Australia

A First Aid Kit for Your Kids: what to pack and how to use it

This blog post is to help create a practical first aid kit for your kids that addresses 5 common injuries and illnesses. We’ll give you a checklist of what to pack as well as some general first ai...

BodyICE KidsThe Blog BodyICE Australia

COVID in babies and children

The rate of COVID in babies and children (and adults) is surging. Thank you to Nicole Gleeson from Rhythm First Aid for sharing this insightful and educational article on Covid in babies and child...

BodyICE KidsThe Blog BodyICE Australia

Introducing kids to yoga and meditation

How can you help your child invite more yoga practice into their lives and give them access to the power of healing and growth that it holds? Our friends from Seeds of Wonder share this insightful ...

BodyICE KidsThe Blog BodyICE Australia

12 First Aid Tips of Christmas

A guest blog written by Nicole Gleeson, Paediatric and Emergency Nurse and Founder of Rhythm First Aid who shares some basic First Aid tips to keep your little ones safe. 

BodyICE KidsBreakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love! BodyICE Australia

Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love!

Getting your kids ready in the morning is usually not the most anticipated part of your day. Especially if you have multiple kids with various taste preferences, picking or arranging a breakfast th...

BodyICE KidsBike Essentials for Kids BodyICE Australia

Bike Essentials for Kids

Kids require all the love and care that parents can give.  So, when it comes to hobbies, it always helps if parents are hands-on and there to provide guidance when needed.  This is especially true ...

BodyICE KidsRecipes With Hidden Veggies (Just Dont Tell Your Kids)! BodyICE Australia

Recipes With Hidden Veggies (Just Don’t Tell Your Kids)!

Getting your kids to eat vegetables doesn’t have to be a struggle. While little taste buds might be turned off by the flavor and texture of certain healthy foods, with a bit of creativity you can h...

BodyICE KidsThe Blog BodyICE Australia


This fun global craze has kids all over the world getting outdoors to play hide and seek with hand-painted rocks.

BodyICE KidsCooking with Children  Part 2 BodyICE Australia

Cooking with Children – Part 2

When you are cooking with children, they are physically exploring subjects they can find boring or difficult when taught in the rigid environment provided by most schools. Maths is put in to practi...

BodyICE KidsCooking with Children  Part 1 BodyICE Australia

Cooking with Children – Part 1

Cooking with children subjects them to all manner of subliminal learning experiences, allowing them to learn without even realising they’re being taught. A win win in anyone’s book!! Time to don t...