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FROZEN SHOULDER - Symptoms, Causes and Effective Treatment

Frozen shoulder is the common name for adhesive capsulitis, a condition that limits your range of motion. It can have a huge impact on everyday life and wellbeing. There are various stages of froze...

BodyICE RecoveryGel compression Sleeves Australia

Introducing our new BodyICE Recovery Compression Gel Sleeves

Introducing BodyICE Recovery's newest innovation, the 360° Hydrogel Compression Gel Sleeves. Designed to provide targeted cold and heat therapy, these sleeves are the all-in-one solution for those ...

BodyICE RecoveryUnderstanding-Sciatic-Back-Pain BodyICE Australia

Understanding Sciatic Back Pain

In this article, we interviewed Kevin Vuong - director and principal Physiotherapist at Ground Up Physiotherapy. Kevin shares his insights on the intricacies of sciatic nerve pain or sciatica.

BodyICE RecoveryACL injury in female athletes

The Gender Gap: Why Female Athletes Are More Prone to ACL Injuries

When it comes to knee injuries, particularly those involving the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), there is a significant gender gap. Female athletes are statistically far more prone to ACL injury ...

BodyICE RecoveryWhich is Better? Hot or Cold Packs for Back Pain? BodyICE Australia

Which is Better? Hot or Cold Packs for Back Pain?

When it comes to alleviating back pain, many people turn to ice packs or heat packs for relief. In this blog, we guide you through when to use ice and when to use heat therapy for back pain.

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What Happens When You Meditate? Benefits for the Mind & Body During Meditation

We've heard that meditation can be good for our mind and perhaps we've even felt the calming benefits ourselves, but what's really going on while we sit in silence?

BodyICE RecoveryShin Splints and Treatment Options

Running Without Pain: Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Overcoming Shin Splints

Whether you're a seasoned marathon runner or a weekend warrior, understanding the signs, symptoms, prevention, and treatment of shin splints is crucial for maintaining your peak performance. 

BodyICE RecoveryThe Blog BodyICE Australia

The 5 Most Common Dad Injuries

Fatherhood isn’t for the weak, but the rewards are what make it worthwhile. In celebration of this coming Father's Day, we've compiled a list of common dad injuries to be aware of, as well as some...

BodyICE RecoveryWhat to Expect Before and After ACL Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide BodyICE Australia

What to Expect Before and After ACL Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

Whether you're an athlete or not, suffering from an ACL injury can be a painful and debilitating experience. If you've been recommended for ACL surgery, you may be wondering what to expect from the...

BodyICE RecoveryBodyICE Recovery | 5 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain Without Injury: Understanding and Managing the Pain

5 Common Causes of Lower Back Pain Without Injury: Understanding and Managing the Pain

Understanding the common causes of non-injury related back pain is crucial for effective management and prevention. In this article, we will explore five common causes and provide practical soluti...

BodyICE Recovery6 ways to boost your athletic performance

Ice Therapy: 6 Ways To Boost Your Athletic Performance

Harnessing the Power of Ice Therapy!  If you’re an athlete or fitness enthusiast, you know that pain and inflammation can often hold you back from achieving your full potential. While there are man...

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Top 7 FAQs about Knee Ice Packs: Expert Answers and Tips for Quick Recovery

KNEE ICE PACKS If there is one thing we know here at BodyICE, it’s knee ice packs. Our main priority is to help you #RECOVERBETTER and to give you the tools you need to do that. Whether it’s a soot...

BodyICE RecoveryTriathlon training

6 Ways to Accelerate Your Triathlon Training Progress

What Is A Triathlon? Triathlons are multi-sport events that consist of swimming, cycling and running. The distances of each discipline vary, but the standard Olympic distance includes a 1.5km swim,...

BodyICE RecoveryRecovery with Zak Stolz

Top Recovery Tips With Ninja Warrior Zak Stolz

Ninja Warrior training is not for the faint hearted, it takes incredible physical and mental stamina to reach the dizziness heights of success in the sport. Australian Ninja Warrior legend Zak Stol...

BodyICE RecoveryLydia Lassila - BodyICE Founder

The BodyICE Story - The Best Products Are Borne From Necessity

I often say blowing my ACL twice in the space of 6 months was the best thing that could have happened to me. It made me mentally resilient and gave me the opportunity to create a business. Through ...

BodyICE RecoveryThe Blog BodyICE Australia

Visualisation vs Meditation. How are they different?

Is visualisation different to meditation? It sure is. Even though meditation and visualisation are often used interchangeably, the two techniques are actually quite different and affect the brain ...

BodyICE RecoveryPop - When Sport Brings Us To Our Knees

POP - Insights From 13 Australian Athletes on ACL Injury

ACL injury is a frightening and traumatic experience – well at least it has been for me. It normally happens whilst playing sport – that sudden change of direction, a twist, a knock and then ‘POP’,...

BodyICE RecoveryThe Blog BodyICE Australia

Injury Prevention for Athletes and Runners

Dr Christopher Jones is an experienced osteopath who has worked with the Australian Athletics Team and has treated numerous World and Olympic Champion Athletes. He shares his top tips for injury pr...