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Introducing our new BodyICE Recovery Compression Gel Sleeves

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Your Injury Recovery Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

Introducing BodyICE Recovery's newest innovation, the 360° Hydrogel Compression Gel Sleeves. Designed to provide targeted cold and heat therapy, these sleeves are the all-in-one solution for those struggling with joint pain, muscular pain, osteoarthritis, or post-surgery recovery. No ice or water needed, just pure pain relief!

BodyICE Recovery


Key Features

Hydrogel Technology

The key feature of these sleeves is the innovative hydrogel technology. Unlike traditional cold packs and heat packs, the hydrogel in these sleeves stays flexible even when frozen, allowing for optimal comfort and effectiveness. The hydrogel also retains its temperature for longer periods than traditional gel packs and will stay hot or cold for 20-30 minutes.

Hot Or Cold Compression

Whether you need cold therapy to reduce swelling and inflammation or warm therapy to promote blood flow and relax muscles, these sleeves have got you covered. Simply place the sleeves in the freezer or heat them up in the microwave, depending on your desired therapy, and enjoy the comfortable compression. This makes your recovery process a whole lot easier, allowing you to focus on healing, rehabilitating and getting back to your daily activities.

360° Coverage

The biggest benefit and difference of our new hydrogel sleeves is that they provide full 360° coverage to the affected area, ensuring that the hot or cold therapy is evenly distributed for maximum results. 

BodyICE Recovery



Available in 3 sizes:
Small: Our small size is ideal for wrist and ankle injury, shin splints, calf and elbow injuries such as tennis elbow. It is also an appropriate size for children's knees.

Medium: Our medium size is ideal for all kinds of knee injury.

Large: Our large size is ideal for hamstring and thigh injury. It can also be used on the knee for patients over 100kg.

When selecting your gel sleeve size, use the un-stretched measurements as a guide. The gel sleeves are soft and stretchy. Allow for an extra 15-20cm in circumference when stretched.

BodyICE Recovery


If you are looking for a convenient and effective solution for joint pain, osteoarthritis, or post-surgery recovery, the BodyICE Recovery 360° Hydrogel Compression Gel Sleeves are the perfect choice. Experience the benefits of targeted cold or heat therapy without any hassle – just slip on the sleeves and let the hydrogel technology do its magic.

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