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Kimmy Smith Fits Hospital Bag Checklist!

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By Kimmy Smith

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I love packing my hospital bag at the end of my pregnancy. I feel like I have made it! I’m on the home stretch and the final countdown has begun. I think I packed my hospital bag at 33 weeks with Allegra (convinced that I was going early!) and then got annoyed daily that I couldn’t find any of my clothes!

This time around, I thought I would share maybe ‘not-thought-of items’ that I am including in my hospital bag third time around. Some of these I have learnt to have from previous experience and some are new products that have been recommended to me by friends.

BodyICE Woman

When I asked what I should pack in my hospital bag on an Instagram post, this single product was recommended by around 5 different people! I am really looking froward to using Body Ice Woman Pads. I have the Body Ice Woman Maternity Care pack which has been carefully designed to help soothe your body during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. You can use the perineum gel pad warmed up to help support second stage of labour and reduce tearing. You can then continue to use it iced after birth to support recovery and healing. 

Similarly, the Breast Pads when heated help to ease the flow of milk and blocked milk ducts. They can continue to be used cold to provide relief from soreness associated with breastfeeding, blocked milk ducts and engorgement.


Modibodi High Absorbancy Underwear + Maternity Singlet

This is one thing I am so excited to have in my hospital bag this time around. The Modibodi High Absorbancy Undies hold 20ml of liquid, so can be used for heavy flows. I love that they are environmentally friendly, are comfortable (read: not bulky!) and can be used from early postpartum to when your period returns.  The initial 48 hours or so you will require additional support due, especially if you have a vaginal birth.  As soon as your blood loss begins to resemble a heavy period type flow, you can move to the much more comfortable and enivronmnetally friendly option of relying on your Modibodi Underwear. For the first 48 hours, I will be wearing my Modibodi Underwear as an additional layer of support and then moving on as soon as possible!

I also have the Modibodi maternity singlet which I think is perfect for hospital. It looks nice by itself, has a built in bra that will provide support for sore boobs without feeling restrictive and stops you having to undo a million layers when you are trying to feed your baby for the first time. I also love the fact that the built in cups are leakrproof!  So no need for disposable breast pads! They hold up to 10mL or 2 teaspoons per breast.

If you would like a Maternity Singlet, join the waitlist now as they are currently out of stock and will be back in around mid-July!

Just a note: I have been gifted products from Modibodi  (and then I’ve gone on to purchase more!) I am a true fan, but just wanted to be clear!


C-Section Recovery Items

If you are planning a C-Section or feel that C-Section may be a possibility for your birth, I highly recommend reading this post from Dr Greta Sears. Greta Sears is a doctor and a Mum of two. Greta gave birth to both of her children via C-Section Surgery. In this post she shares the two sides of C-Section surgery from the perspective of a medical professional and also as a new mum.

This post will give you an insight into:

  • Why you may need to give birth via C-Section
  • What to expect during the C-Section Surgery
  • What the Caesarean Section Recovery Process is like
  • How to promote healing and recovery.
  • How to recover from C-Section when you have other children!


The first 24-48 hours in hospital (or more if you have had a C-section) are the beginning of your postpartum recovery. Plan to nourish your body with wholesome + warming foods rather than relying on the hospital food. At the very least, I am taking the following.

Lactation Bliss Balls

I recently collaborated with Jewels from Milk and Cookies by Jewels to create a range of healthy Salted Caramel Lactation Bliss Balls. I’ve pre-made a packet and will take them into hospital for labour and recovery. They are full of nourishing natural ingredients which will not only help to support lactation, but will also provide the nutrients my body needs for recovery.

Bone Broth + Soups

Bone broth is nourishing and warming and will help to replace some of the energy lost during birth. The collagen found in bone broth also helps with the repair process. The gelatin found in bone broth supports your digestive track and is great for gut health. After birth, you want to have foods that are easy to digest and warming. Bone broth and simple soups are the best option. I have been including it in all my soups in the lead up to birth and will be sipping on it during my recovery. I don’t love plain bone broth, so I have made a simple soup of bone broth and diced veggies such as carrot, zucchini, sweet potato and celery. It is simple and nourishing.

Find a delicious and simple bone broth recipe you can ask friends or family to make for you in the Nourished Mummy Project App.


Ear Plugs and Eye Pillow

Hospitals can be noisy – especially if you are near the nurses station. And they can be bright. Even at night. Take both – and don’t wrroy about sleeping through your babies cries – that will basically never happen (ever again!!).


Drop Crotch Pants + Woolen Socks and Cardigan

  • Drop Crotch Pants because everything is sooooo swollen after birth, drop crotch track pants were an absolute blessing.
  • Woolen socks. Start to build the energy and warmth in your body by keeping your feet and ankles warm. Wool breathes, so is perfect for hospital as it will keep you warm, but also allow your skin to breath (you kinda get a bit sweaty after birth as your body releases all that excess fluid you’ve been carrying around!
  • Cardigan. You will be so focused on feeding during the first 48 hours that you don’t want to have to worry about looking nice. Just take a nice cardigan that allows easy boob access, but also makes you feel a little above ‘homeless chic’ on the fashion scale. I love a woolen one I got from Country Road which long, looks nice, keeps me warm and has easy boobie access.

Toiletry Essentials

All the usual stuff here. Hair elastics, face wash, light make-up, moisturiser, thongs, shampoo. Things that aren’t heavily scented (so your new baby can smell you and not your expensive shampoo) but that make you feel human again are just a delight! I love Lust Minerals Natural Mineral Makeup and Andalou Organic Skincare.Both contain all natural so are great for postbirth where you are still passing toxins onto your baby.

Arnica + Magnesium

Arnica is generally recommended for the following benefits during and after childbirth:

  • Reduces bruising,
  • Minimizes strain on soft tissues

Magnesium helps to reduce muscle cramping and is an osmotic laxative. Magnesium helps to relax your bowels and pulls water into your intestines. The water helps soften and bulk up your stool, which makes it easier to pass. It can be nerve wracking to have that first bowel movement after birth, so I recommend taking a stool softener supplement of your choice to help you move things along.


For more pregnancy and childbirth tips and information, head to our Blog.

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