Self Healing Recovery Visualisation

Sale price$12.00

Recharge and invigorate your body and mind! 

This full body recovery visualisation will take you on a soothing journey throughout your body where you imagine all of your bodily systems functioning efficiently and perfectly. You will spend special attention to an area of illness or injury and it is the perfect way to gift your mind and body self love.

Led by NLP practitioner and Sportsmind founder, Jeffrey Hodges, this visualisation is especially valuable when recovering from injury, illness or heavy exertion. You will be guided through a relaxation process into the depths of your cells imagining your body functioning perfectly. It should be practiced at least 3-times per week for maximum effect! Mindset is what separates good from great. Invest in your mindset today!

Listen to the introduction to learn more. You will receive the visualisation as a download post purchase.


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