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Meet Our New Breastfeeding Covers, Reusable Nursing Pads & Reusable Menstrual Pads!

Breastfeeding Covers, Reusable Nursing Pads & Reusable Menstrual Pads
Hey there, amazing mama! We get it—you're about to embark on an incredible journey of pregnancy, breastfeeding and motherhood. At BodyICE Woman, we're excited to introduce our latest Breastfeeding and Personal Care Range, designed to increase your comfort and support you throughout the phases of womanhood. We believe that self-care should be pretty [always pretty], comfortable, easy to use and importantly, reusable. That's why we've created this range - to provide you with comfort, effectiveness and convenience, all while keeping it sustainable. Get ready for some extra nurturing just for you!

Nursing Cover and Burping Cloth/Bib Set: Intimate Comfort for Breastfeeding Mums on the Go

Breastfeeding Covers

Imagine this tender moment: you're out and about with your little bundle of joy, and it's feeding time. Our bamboo cotton nursing cover and burping cloth set will become your sanctuary, allowing you to breastfeed comfortably in any public setting. Crafted from luxuriously soft, lightweight and breathable bamboo cotton, this nursing cover envelops you both in a serene cocoon, even in bustling environments. Not only does it provide you with privacy, but it also creates a distraction-free space for your baby to feed peacefully. The adjustable strap ensures the right fit, while the expanded neck opening lets you maintain that precious eye contact with your little one. Oh, and those clever bamboo terry corner pockets? They're perfect for wiping up spills and discreetly stashing dummies or teethers. And there's more magic - the burping cloth effortlessly transforms into a bib with a gentle snap button closure. Pop it in your bag, and you're ready for peaceful, on-the-go feeding moments. Don't forget, it makes a practical postpartum gift for fellow mamas embarking on this journey.

Bamboo Terry Reusable Nursing Pads: Sustainable Comfort for Every Breastfeeding Journey

Reusable Nursing Pads

Let our reusable nursing pads become your trusty breastfeeding companions, equipped with a leak-proof recycled PUL barrier that ensures dryness and peace of mind throughout the day and night. Slip them into your nursing bra, and let their hypoallergenic, moisture-wicking softness provide a comforting touch against your skin. Our reusable nursing pads, made from soft and absorbent bamboo terry fabric, offer a gentle and sustainable solution. Say goodbye to disposable pads that not only dent your wallet but also contribute to overflowing landfills. Did you know that it can take over 100 years for a disposable nursing pad to decompose? It's time to make a change! These pads are not only eco-friendly but also machine washable, making them effortlessly practical. Simply place them in the included wash bag and toss them in with your regular laundry. Enjoy the comfort you deserve while making a positive impact on the queen of mamas - Mother Nature.

Reusable Menstrual Pads: Supporting Your Natural Rhythm

Reusable Menstrual Pads!

A woman’s menstrual cycle and experience widely varies from one woman to the next. Some women experience a short, light cycle, whilst others a more heavy and longer period. Some women experience cramps, back ache, bloating and severe pain, whilst others feel very little. However, we are united in the fact that we will all need ‘something’ to absorb the flow that leaves our bodies.

Our new and reusable menstrual pads are crafted from bamboo charcoal fleece and a recycled PUL waterproof fabric that provides an ultra-absorbent, leakproof and odourless experience.

Soft and oh-so-comfortable, these pads are designed to absorb your natural flow, whilst feeling soft, comfortable and secure. Bid farewell to itchy, uncomfortable disposable pads and say hello to our reusable pads that keep you feeling fresh, protected and comfortable. And here's the best parts, you’re eliminating disposable waste and these eco-friendly alternatives are machine washable! Simple rinse in cold water before adding to your regular wash.

Our new breastfeeding and personal care range is here for you

Reusable Nursing Pads

Your journey throughout womanhood will always be uniquely yours, and at BodyICE Woman, we want to walk alongside you, offering support and companionship every step of the way. We understand the challenges and joys that come with breastfeeding and personal care, which is why we've created this range.

From our luxe bamboo cotton nursing covers that provide you with privacy and a distraction free feeding environment to our reusable and absorbent nursing pads and menstrual pads, we've got you covered, literally! Our nursing cover and bib set comes in three gorgeous Australian patterns: Leaf, Proteas and Sun Lady whilst our menstrual and nursing pads arrive as a set of four fun and unique prints. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Are you ready to elevate your breastfeeding and personal care routine? Explore our range of thoughtfully crafted products now! Discover the best nursing pads, reusable menstrual pads, nursing covers and burping cloth sets below.

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