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Hospital Bag Essentials - By Skye

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By Skye | @living_the_blessed_life_

We were lucky enough to be discharged from hospital 4hrs post-birth with Harper & spent our first night together at home with the entire family. Whilst I plan to do the same this time around, nothing is certain & I’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared when it comes to my hospital bag.

So what’s in my bag you ask? I’ve broken the list into items for mama & items for baby.


Labour… I used a diffuser loaded with essential oils during Harper’s birth & found them so helpful & relaxing in birth suite. This time I have packed my ‘Baby Time’ @thelittleblendco roller, as well as a Clary Sage & Lavender Blend to add to our @livelylivingaustralia diffuser. I’ve packed my beautiful @bloomwithbirth affirmation cards & @tinymoons massage oil to use during labour. I spent most of Harper labour being massaged so I envision it being similar this time around. I’ve also added in a few satchels of @aquamamma electrolytes to keep me hydrated throughout.

Hospital Bag Essentials

Adding to this I have saved my favourite pregnancy relaxation meditations on my phone along with headphones & my portable wireless speaker.

Comfy Clothes will be added last minute- They’re basically all I’m wearing at the moment so there’s no use in packing them as I know I’ll be stealing them out of my bag to wear! I’ve organised exactly what I’d like to take for both labour & post-birth. Included are my fave lounge clothes, oversized ‘granny’ underwear, breastfeeding singlets, PJ’s (with buttons for easy skin-to-skin), oversized tees, socks, maternity tights & one loose-fitting dress for photos incase my hospital stay is longer than expected.

Post-Birth… So many followers recommended mama nappies- haha, So I’ve bought them, along with Maternity Pads, Witch Hazel in a spray bottle (honestly the best relief for each toilet trip). I’ve packed Hydrogel Nipple cream & my @BodyIceWomen Penerium strip & breast cooling pads, as well as post-birth bath tea from @a.mindful.bub which helps with contracting your uterus for a faster recovery. I couldn’t help but pack some delicious @milkandcookiesbyjewels lactation cookies for those first few days when my milk comes in too! Yum!

Hospital Bag Essentials

Then there’s the practical stuff which I’ll be grabbing last minute & throwing into my bag… Camera, Phone, Charger, Cash, Snacks, Lip Balm, & Toiletries.


Hospital Bag Essentials

– Nappies… We were given a heap of newborn nappies at my baby shower, I’ve decided to pack the @rascalandfriends ones & eco wipes.

– First outfit… When I saw this outfit at the beginning of my pregnancy I knew I had to buy it for the new babes announcement. It’s a @rorandwild newborn gown, with a tie-bottom & matching beanie.

– Baby Clothes… I’ve packed both 0000 & 000’s in case our growth ultrasound isn’t accurate- Harlow didn’t fit into Newborn clothes at all! I’ve included multiple sets of singlet suits, full-length suits, Wondersuits, socks & beanies.

– Announcement Photo Props… I’m hoping to be able to capture birth announcement photos at home but just in case we’re in hospital I’ve packed my @astonblue milestone ‘hello world’ disc & name plaque from @funnybunnykids!

– Swaddles & Blankets… I’ve packed all of my favourites, in case of poo & spew!

– Capsule, ready to transport bub from the hospital room all the way home!

& I think that’s it! Here’s hoping we can avoid a long hospital stay & be discharged with a similar situation to Harper- but if not I’m organised to make it through the first few days! Anything you think I’ve missed- let me know!


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