Recovering from Adversity Visualisation

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Build resilience and let go of past errors

This guided visualisation will give you the tools and techniques to recover from setback and replace thoughts of failure and fear with confidence and positivity.

Failures, injuries, mistakes and setbacks are often part of life's journey. They are never welcome, but we can choose how we respond to them so that we can continue to learn, progress and build our resilience muscle.  

Led by NLP practitioner and founder of Sportsmind, Jeffrey Hodges, you will learn the techniques on HOW to let go of errors and mistakes of the past and switch your focus on what you actually WANT to happen in the future. This visualisation is most powerful when practiced with consistency and at least 2-3-times per week.

Learn from and move on from errors, celebrate triumphs along the way and set your mind up for future success.

Listen to the introduction to learn more. You will receive the visualisation as a download post purchase.

Mindset is what separates good from great. Invest in your mindset today!


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