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Whether you’re on the road for business or pleasure, you want to be feeling top notch. It’s not always convenient or possible to locate a gym or exercise group at your destination. However, by packing a few equipment essentials in your luggage, you’ll be well prepared to maintain your exercise regime.

A Theraband can offer an endless array of resistance exercises from rehabilitative exercises to difficult strength exercises and can even double as a modified Pilates reformer cabling system and stretching strap.

A Swiss ball when deflated, packs down relatively small and is a versatile tool for working on core strength and stability exercises, as well as balance skills and assisted stretching.

Packing a Yoga mat ensures that you have a comfortable and clean surface to perform your workout. With the Theraband and Swiss ball in your arsenal of exercise equipment, the yoga mat allows you to comfortably add some bodyweight exercises, particularly those that require sitting or lying down.

Further, performing Yoga or a stretching routine is a great way to move out of static positions associated with travel or long days of sitting. As well as beginning the physical recovery process and getting in touch with how your body is really feeling.

To continue the recovery process, I always travel with self-massage tools, including a foam roller and massage ball to work out any muscular tightness I come across quickly and effectively, anytime, anywhere.

Finally, our BodyICE recovery-pack is a great travel friendly, localised icing solution for all your recovery, inflammation and injury needs.

Icing in cycles of 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off with our BodyICE recovery-pack will really compliment your recovery strategy.

By packing these equipment essentials next time you’re on the road, with a little creativity, it will be simple to maintain your daily exercise and recovery routine to make sure you’re feeling top notch.

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The Blog BodyICE Australia
The Blog BodyICE Australia

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