Ocean Swimming - Why do it?

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Ocean swimming can become a type of meditative therapy, instilling a sense of wellbeing and calm as you adapt and interact with the big blue. 


Not only does spending time in nature create a strong sense of connection and wellbeing, but the exhilarating rush of the cold water also helps to improve autonomic nervous system function and help improve the body’s stress response. 


There are many other  unexpected pleasures and benefits to discover while immersed in the sea: 





 Ocean swimming can help strengthen muscles and ligaments, improve cardiovascular fitness, and provide a safe and effective workout, all while gently supporting your body, particularly injured areas.


Physical Rehabilitation


Swimming is great to support rehab from injuries as it is low-impact, non weight-bearing, it actively stretches the body, offers a cardio workout and may promote nerve regeneration.



Mood boosting


Studies and research trials have shown significant effects on mood from swimming in the ocean. Case reports have shown ocean swimming to have depression reducing effects and group trials conclude that winter swimming can reduce tension and fatigue as well as boosting memory and mood. 




Skin health 


Sea water contains healthy minerals including sodium, magnesium, calcium and sulphate, that are known to boost skin health.  Salt water can help skin conditions such as eczema and the magnesium is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent which can even help with acne.



Talk to your doctor or physiotherapist about the suitability of swimming for recovery and for additional support, pain relief and compress try our BodyICE joint-specific ice and heat packs.


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The Blog BodyICE Australia
The Blog BodyICE Australia

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