Confident Future Self Visualisation

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Start your transformation from a contender into a champion.

This is a powerful visualisation that should be practiced regularly and at least 3-times per week if you're serious about making positive changes in your life. Have you ever stopped to imagine the future YOU that you want to be? Or are you caught up in the daily grind or what has happened perhaps in the past? 

Led by NLP practitioner and founder of Sportsmind, Jeffrey Hodges, this visualisation is for everyone, no matter what career path you have chosen. You will be guided through a relaxation to a place where you can imagine and connect with your successful, confident future self. Imagine him or her up close and personal, ask questions and receive valuable insight and answers. After all - the answers to our questions are often within. You just need to ask! 

Now is the time to meet your confident, successful, future YOU! 

Listen to the introduction to learn more. You will receive the visualisation as a download post purchase.

Mindset is what separates good from great. Invest in your mindset today!


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