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Your Breastfeeding and Baby Sleep Questions Answered!

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Our latest video, by Caia Practitioner Rachel Ford, answers these questions and more!


🌸 Should I express colostrum during pregnancy? What are the benefits?


🌸 How do I tell the difference between my baby’s tired signs and hungry signs? 


🌸 How do I know if my baby is having enough breastmilk or feeds? 


🌸 Can my baby’s developmental stages affect feeding and sleeping?



Rachel is a Child and Family Health Nurse, Lactation Consultant and Sleep and Settling Consultant. She has been a registered nurse for 26 years, and has been running her own private practice for 10 years. Rachel helps parents with sleep and settling, breastfeeding support and parenting advice. 



For additional support during pregnancy and postpartum,  BodyICE Woman and Caia have got you covered. A care team of Caia women’s health experts are available to answer all of your questions, on demand.  And our BodyICE Women range of ice and heat packs provide relief when and where you need it most. 


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