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ZONE Essential Oils - FOCUS

At ZONE we are proud of our range of 100% pure essential oils, derived from Australian only botanicals that support Australian growers.

We have carefully selected Australian botanicals in each of our blends for their unique aromatic and cleansing qualities to support your health and lifestyle and help you #LiveBetter.

FOCUS is a calming blend with honey and woody tones to help improve mental clarity and rebalance your mind and body.

In the blend, we have used:

Honey Myrtle   Melaleuca teretifolia – As well as being anti bacterial, this essential oil is known for its delicate honey and lemon refreshing aroma. This scent will help to clear your mind, aid concentration, reduce stress, improve mood and provide an overall uplifting quality.

Fragonia Agonis fragrans – A small plant that has a balancing effect on mood and emotions. It is anti-depressive and invigorating. It has a slightly woody aroma and it can be used as a decongestant and for its anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Australian White Cypress Callitris glaucophylla –This wood oil comes from a strong timber that has been used for many generations. It is used for meditation, grounding and to clear the mind and expel negative energy. It has a deep woody and pine scent that is earthy and grounding.

Rosalina Melaleuca ericifolia - Is a lavender variety of tea tree that helps to release tension, calm anxiety and can be used for respiratory conditions, colds, as an antiseptic or as a natural insect repellent. A pleasant hybrid scent with the best qualities of both lavender and tea tree.

Australian Sandalwood – Santalum Spicatum- has a beautiful sweet, woody aroma and has been used for thousands of years by indigenous Australians as a relaxant and to promote focus. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Place a few drops in an oil burner or vaporiser or add a small drop on pulse points before practice. Also available as a room tonic, surface or yoga mat spray.

ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS: Essential oils are compounds carefully extracted from plants that capture the plants scent, flavour and unique characteristics. Essential oils have been used in botanical medicine as traditional remedies for centuries. Our ancestors understood the land and how the power of plants and herbs can be used for healing. Essential oils can be used in a variety of different ways to support health and wellbeing around the home. They are naturally antibacterial and can be used to make organic cleaning products and sanitise surfaces to prevent the spread of germs, disease and viruses. They can also be used in aromatherapy and natural medicine to evoke healing or stimulating responses from the body and mind.

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