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Welcome to our Mental Training Zone!

Why we think this is important? We know that many people recovering from injury not only face the physical hurdle but also a mental one – typically lost confidence, helplessness and fear of not being able to get through it and back to peak performance.

Here at BodyICE we want to help you take charge of your mental approach to not only recovering from injury but also in achieving your full potential. Just as we invest in our bodies, it’s important we understand the power of our mind. That’s why we’ve teamed up with mental performance guru Jeffery Hodges to deliver our Mental Training Zone.

Jeffrey Hodges is the creator of Sportsmind, the most sophisticated mental and emotional skills training program world-wide. His books Sportsmind, Champion Thoughts Champion Feelings and Sports Hypnosis along with his outstanding visualisation tracks are all powerful tools in getting you back to peak performance and beyond. Whether you are an athlete or not, these skills are applicaple to all walks of life.

BodyICE creator and founder, Lydia Lassila, used these very techniques to not only come back from two devastating knee injuries to win Olympic Gold and Bronze Medals, but to perform the most difficult skill ever completed by a female athlete in the sport of Aerial Skiing. These are techniques Lydia still uses today to allow her to go on to achieve success in sport, business and life.

Invest in your mind and take charge now!