The Importance of Keeping Kids Active

A multi-ethnic group of elementary age children are playing tag together outside during recess.


Keep them Active…

As a parent do you ever wonder why your child is climbing all over the furniture and it feels like they are bouncing off the walls?

Well, guess what?


Kids need to move.

During your week, you need to invest time into organising outings, get togethers and physical fun and fitness, it can really pay off in the short and long term goals for your child’s development and save your sanity along the way.

Children need to be active, physically and mentally for normal development to occur. Parents it is your job to step up and make sure that your child’s physical needs are being met.

Children need variety, stimulation and challenges.

They need to take risks and problem solve.

If, as a parent you organise your day to include something for everyone as well as yourself, you will have children who benefit from being exhausted, stimulated and engaged. They will eat better, sleep well, and be happy to have periods of quiet rest time, which then becomes your valued time.

Here are a few ides

  • Children love the safety of routine so get them out every morning, to the park, playground, beach, swimming pool or bike riding. Children love any type of activity. The library on a wet day provides stories and craft.
  • Be home in the middle of the day for lunch and rest time. Here is your chance to catch up on cooking, emails, or just put your feet up and read a book.
  • The afternoon should consist of having friends over or going to the park. Playing games, doing a puzzle, gardening, water painting in the yard or setting up a drawing table.

If you keep your child active you are also setting them up for a life time of loving to get out and get physical and keeping active.

You are setting a good example of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Guest Blog By Angela and Donna from Back on Track Early Childhood Professionals. Check them out here: https://www.backontrackconsultancy.com 

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