POP - When Sport Brings Us to Our Knees

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A must read for anyone experiencing ACL injury

Australia has the highest anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction rate in the world. HOW does this happen? WHY does this happen?

In a book that aims to raise more questions than it answers, Sports & Exercise physiotherapist Jess Cunningham shines a unique lens on ACL injuries and their management by sharing the insightful and inspiring stories of 13 Australian athletes and their journeys through injury, rehabilitation, and return to sport. 

Reflecting on their unique experiences, each athlete provides valuable insights and advice so that anyone working through their own ACL injury can learn from their successes - as well as their mistakes - and be motivated to complete their rehabilitation successfully so as to return to the sport or active life they love and avoid re-rupture. BodyICE founder, Lydia Lassila is featured as one of these athletes.

The book aims to act as a conversation starter opening up the necessary dialogue between patients, surgeons, and therapists to ensure the best decisions are made with regard to patient-specific ACL treatment, as well as increasing awareness around evidence-based training programs that have been proven to significantly reduce the risk of ACL injuries (and re-ruptures) from occurring in the first place.

The common phrase from the athletes interviewed for this book tells its story: “I wish something like this had existed when I was going through it all.”

Now it does.

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