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We're so excited to bring you street style active wear that you can sweat and move in. We are not a fashion brand. We don’t follow seasons or trends. We just want to make planet friendly clothing that you will love, find comfort in and wear for a very long time. We searched far and wide for a fabric that ticks all of our boxes. One that is:

✔︎ Comfortable
✔︎ Breathable
✔︎ Durable
✔︎ Sustainable
✔︎ Ethically sourced


We arrived at HEMP - an unbelievable fibre that is made into a sustainable, comfortable and durable fabric and we want you to know why this environmental super fibre of our past, needs to be the fibre of our future.


▷ The hemp plant can be harvested up to four times per year with a growth cycle of 90–100 days. Its seeds are highly nutritious and its fibres can be used to make paper, rope, textiles, insulation and building materials.

▷ Hemp absorbs 4-times more CO2than trees and feeds nutrients back into the soil rather than depleting it.

▷ It uses significantly less water than cotton and requires no pesticides or insecticides to grow.

▷ Hemp is up to eight times stronger than cotton and is highly breathable and moisture wicking.

▷ Hemp is the most UV resistant natural fibre giving you protection from the sun.

▷ Hemp is machine washable and actually improves in lustre and comfort over time

with every wash.

▷ Hemp has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

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