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BodyICE Shoulder Ice Pack & Heat Pack with Strap

The easiest way to ice your shoulder!

Our reusable shoulder ice pack is designed to fit both right or left shoulders which makes icing this tricky area simple, effective and mess free. Secure the straps and you'll be hands free, up and about with no leaking or slipping! This kit includes a 11-inch Ice bag, high stretch neoprene support and net carry bag.

Our clever shoulder ice pack design has lengthy, stretchy straps which enables it to fit small or large body types and helps deliver cold or heat therapy to common shoulder injuries like:

  • Rotator Cuff strains & sprains
  • Dislocations
  • Overuse injuries
  • Post surgery
  • Controlling pain, swelling & inflammation
  • No leaks. No mess.
  • Reusable & durable 
  • No unnecessary plastic waste!
  • Doubles as both an ice pack and heat pack
  • Secures firmly without needing to hold anything in place!
  • Easy to use and easy to travel with. 
  • Endorsed by top orthopaedic surgeons Australia wide. 

1. Unscrew the lid and fill 2/3 with ice or hot tap water (not boiling).

2. Secure the lid firmly and place through the hole of our joint specific neoprene straps. The velcro adheres anywhere on the neoprene strap allowing a custom fit and comfortable compression.

3. Empty and drain your ice bag after each use. Store away from direct sunlight.


* If using just ice, do not place your ice bag in freezer after use as the melted ice will freeze solid and you will risk puncturing your ice bag. 

* No ice? No worries. We have a trick that works a treat for those that can't access ice.

Place 1 part alcohol (eg. Methylated Spirits) to 3 parts water into your ice bag and store in the freezer. If the bag freezes too solid, add more alcohol.

Caution: Alcohol has a lower freezing temperature that water so the ice bag will be very cold. You may need a thin layer of material between your skin and the ice bag to avoid an ice burn.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Raff Tripodi
Exceptional Product & Customer Service

I recently had a hip replacement and my husband shoulder surgery. I was introduced to the BodyIce - Ice Bag in hospital and have not looked back. It is absolutely the best ice pack I have used, and has been helping with the swelling from my surgery. My husband also swears by it to help reduce the swelling from his Shoulder surgery. So easy to use and refill with ice, a must have item to help in recovery.

Maree Kelly
Misleading photos

The first thing I noticed was your photos appear not to have ice in the pack because once you add the ice it takes on a completely different shape . No matter what I did it was impossible to get it to stay in place over the shoulder.
I purchased this product so I would have some freedom to move around while icing .The shoulder brace would not stay in place no matter how tight I made it. Maybe it will stay in place on other parts of the body , but I may have well just used my own ice .

Brad Johnson
BodyICE Shoulder Ice Pack & Heat Pack with Strap

Awesome Product that has aided my recovery significantly.
Great Service
Thank you BodyIce.

Michael Carey
BodyICE Shoulder Ice Pack & Heat Pack with Strap

Easy versatile well made excellent product!!!!

Emily Edgar
BodyICE Shoulder Ice Pack & Heat Pack with Strap

This product is fantastic not to mention so easy to use. I use a wheelchair to get around so have battled shoulder injuries for years and was getting tired of conventional ice packs constantly falling off not to mention having to stop everything just so I could ice my sore so happy I invested in one of these will be recommending to all my friends