Cooking with Children - Part 1

Cooking with Kids

by Shannon Pead Let's lick the spoon! At a time when childhood obesity rates are higher than ever and food related illnesses have reached almost epidemic proportions globally, any weapon in the arsenal to tackle diet based problems must be embraced. Recent studies have shown that children that cook at ...

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Roger Bannister

The Power of Mental Imagery Training

  This article is too good not to share. Here at BodyICE HQ, we're big fans of Tony Robbins as his work has impacted and changed thousands of people's lives. Here, we learn the power of mental imagery training. It's proven. It works. Original article written by Kerry Song via ...

lactatio smoothie

Strawberry & Blueberry Oatmeal Lactation Smoothie

  A mama has got to keep her energy levels up full-stop! It's even more important if you're breastfeeding. Smoothies are great for a quick nutrient dense snack and this smoothie in particular has some key ingredients that will help support your milk supply. Namely galactagogues - substances that naturally ...

Kids organisational skills

Top 5 Ways to Teach Kids Organisational Skills

When I was in my teens I did some babysitting for the neighbours across the street.  Now this was back in the 1980’s when babies still wore cloth nappies tethered with safety pins — and that’s what little John (about 18 months old) was wearing when I arrived at the ...


Georgia Wilson’s Recovery Journey – Part 2

I’m quite possibly one of the few individuals who can openly admit (although with slight embarrassment) that I successfully managed to cry the first five months of 2018 away. When regularly asked about the personal experience of rupturing my ACL earlier this year, most react shocked when I explain that ...

weight training

The Benefits of Weight Training

You love keeping fit, after all, it makes you look younger than you really are. You even maintain a healthy diet and keep away from greasy food. But when you see the words "Weight training," visions of bald guys with bulging eyes and muscles the size of Krypton jump into ...

Perineal recovery

Perineal Recovery After Childbirth

Ok, your due date is approaching and you're preparing yourself for what ever nature throws at you. So many questions and so many unknowns but we do the best we can to prepare. We take antenatal classes. We spend late nights Googling, reading books and magazines, asking advice from family ...

Blog Kids vegies

Recipes With Hidden Veggies (Just Don’t Tell Your Kids)!

Getting your kids to eat vegetables doesn’t have to be a struggle. While little taste buds might be turned off by the flavor and texture of certain healthy foods, with a bit of creativity you can hide veggies in plain sight. All of these recipes are easy to prepare and ...

Your emotions after childbirth, blog by BodyICE Woman

Your Emotions After Childbirth

You really can’t begin to sum up what it feels like leading up to the birth of your baby, and there are so many different emotions you feel. Every moment of your day is now spent dreaming about holding your little one in your arms for the first time, what ...

Blog about positive mindset for injury recovery, by BodyICE

Positive Mindset for Injury Recovery

No matter how you look at it, getting injured sucks. You were at the top of your game: and now forced to break from your training, your life, your established routine and the sports activities you love. And it’s more than the physical injury you have to recover from, you ...


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