The Importance of Keeping Kids Active

active kids

As a parent do you ever wonder why your child is climbing all over the furniture and it feels like they are bouncing off the walls? Well, guess what? IT’S NORMAL!!!!! Kids need to move. During your week, you need to invest time into organising outings, get togethers and physical ...

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5 energy boosting snacks for pregnancy

5 Energy Boosting Snacks for Pregnancy

Experts recommend women maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy, not gaining too much or too little depending on her pre-pregnant weight. But growing a baby takes energy. You may find that you’re not only more fatigued but also extra hungry! Healthcare providers typically suggest 300 extra calories per day. While ...

Active recovery for rest days

Active Recovery Tips for Rest Days

It may come as a surprise, but the recovery period after exercise is just as important as the workout itself, and providing adequate rest is an essential part of the results process. Physical activity, especially resistance training, places the body under stress and creates microscopic tears in the muscles which ...

shutterstock_667211476_flu recipes

Flu Fighting Recipes

Favourite 5 Flu Fighting Recipes   When the days become shorter and colder the influenza virus starts warming up for its annual onslaught. Each year, millions of people suffer from the flu. Fortunately, the human body has a built-in network of defense mechanisms that protects us against various diseases caused ...

3 Breakfast ideas

Breakfast Ideas Your Kids Will Love!

Getting your kids ready in the morning is usually not the most anticipated part of your day. Especially if you have multiple kids with various taste preferences, picking or arranging a breakfast that everyone will want to eat and is healthy for each of them is one of the hardest ...

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction During Pregnancy

There are different types of aches and pains that women experience during pregnancy, and often they are just put down as unfortunate side-effects. What many women don’t realise is that some of their ailments are diagnosable and even easily managed. You need to listen to your body and figure out ...

Georgia Wilson Hockeyroo

Georgia Wilson’s Recovery Journey – Part 1

Hockeyroo Georgia Wilson had her Commonwealth Games dreams torn away by a knee injury earlier this year. Whilst shattered, 22-year-old Georgia refocused her goals and is now completing a 12-month rehabilitation with the ultimate goal in mind - Tokyo 2020.  Georgia has shared her story with us, over a three part ...

Yoga Workouts for Kids

Fun, Fast Yoga Workout for Kids

Yoga isn’t just for experienced yogis. It can have benefits for everyone, even young children. Yoga offers a fun and health-conscious activity for you and your kids. It creates a strong core, improved balanced, and increased flexibility. In turn, these benefits help reduce your child's risk of injury, as well ...


Food, Love, Warmth by Midwife Cath

  I often mention three words; food, love, warmth. As a parent, I believe if you go by these three, simple words you can't go wrong.  It’s basic. Food, love, warmth.  Keep those words in your mind. Keep saying them to yourself when you’re questioning your ability as a parent ...

Kids recovering from injury

Helping Your Kids Deal With Injury Recovery

It’s tough when your child gets hurt. As parents, the last thing we want to see is our child in pain. Depending on the injury, recovery times can vary. For a broken bone, it may take a couple of months to heal. For a simple scrape or bruise, your child ...


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