Top Five Recovery Meals


  You probably know how crucial it is to fuel up prior to a workout or race, but are you aware of how important it is to refuel properly afterwards? A sometimes-overlooked pillar of a typical training regimen is the recovery meal.  Without properly replenishing your depleted glycogen and protein ...

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My Cycling Essentials – Sarah Riley

Higher Perspective Photography As a full-time athlete that also works full-time in a physically demanding job recovery is the most important requirement on my daily preparation list.  The ability for me to fit in training and working day in and day out takes a lot of planning for my body ...

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6 Easy and Fun Lunchbox Ideas That Are Impossible to Resist!

Getting kids to love their lunch calls for fun lunchbox ideas that are easy for you to create and keep making every day. After all, having a roster of easy lunchbox ideas is key to making sure that you don’t tire of packing them as well, right? In this world ...


Introducing Resident Expert Midwife Cath!

The team here at BodyICE HQ are super excited to have Midwife Cath join us as our Resident Midwife Guru! She will be joining us over the coming months to talk all things birth, babies, breastfeeding and beyond. Midwife Cath has been a midwife for over 42 years and has ...

tennis elbow

How to Deal with Tennis Elbow

What is it Tennis Elbow? Tennis elbow is a form of tendonitis that causes pain in the elbow. It is triggered by repetitive movements – such as that killer forehand smash you’ve dedicated many hours of training to - but it can be caused by many other activities such as ...


The Ultimate Back-to-School Supplies List

A few years ago I wound up winging what my kids needed for back-to-school supplies as a last minute rush to get everything together. Total mum fail! Between the missing odds and ends and early morning chaos of day one, we were all a little dishevelled as we arrived at the ...


How to Combat Tennis Rotator Cuff Injuries

Originally published as "Rotator Cuff Injuries in Tennis" by Rob Brandham on Premax. Shoulders are a complex body part. They consist of several moving parts that allow arms to move in different directions. These parts work seamlessly together to create a wide range of motions, with four small muscles known as the rotator cuff ...

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A Guilt-Free Guide to Surviving Christmas

  We all want to have a stress free holiday season without the dreaded Christmas weight gain. We all want to indulge in the great food and the buzz-inducing drinks, but none of us want the after effects. So how exactly do we obtain a guilt-free Christmas? We’ve read quite ...


7 Ways to Survive Pregnancy in Summer

Remember when summer meant tiny shorts, mojitos, and hours spent working on your tan? Well, seems like those days are over (for now!) But hey, just because you have some precious cargo on board about doesn’t mean summer can’t be fun. It just means you have to take a bit ...

Brodie Summers

Interview with Brodie Summers

Photo Credit: Anton Grimus The BodyICE Team were lucky enough to chat recently with Aussie mogul skier and Winter Olympian Brodie Summers. Brodie had a brilliant start to the 2016/2017 season, climbing onto the World Cup podium in February for the first time at Deer Valley (winning bronze) and then ...


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