7 Ways to Survive Pregnancy in Summer


Remember when summer meant tiny shorts, mojitos, and hours spent working on your tan? Well, seems like those days are over (for now!) But hey, just because you have some precious cargo on board about doesn’t mean summer can’t be fun. It just means you have to take a bit ...

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Brodie Summers

Interview with Brodie Summers

Photo Credit: Anton Grimus The BodyICE Team were lucky enough to chat recently with Aussie mogul skier and Winter Olympian Brodie Summers. Brodie had a brilliant start to the 2016/2017 season, climbing onto the World Cup podium in February for the first time at Deer Valley (winning bronze) and then ...

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Keeping Healthy During Pregnancy

There is nothing that shocks the system quite as much as finding out you are pregnant. Whether it is due to excitement or surprise, it is a discovery that will change your life forever. Other than expecting a new bundle of joy and everything that parenthood promises, one of the ...



Most athletes, (professionals, beginner level, or those doing it just for fun), routinely warm up prior to a race to deter sports injuries. Additionally, some observe various rituals such as listening to music, prepping their muscles with salves and ointments, and/or strapping up a previous injury. Yet, there are also ...


Encouraging Positive Behaviour in Toddlers

As a mum, it is our duty and responsibility to give our children all the tools and coping skills they need to be successful for when they venture out into the great big world one day. We need to teach them how to effectively handle situations and encourage good decision ...


How to Prevent Muscle Tightness

  One of the biggest hindrances to peak performance is muscle tightness. Muscle tightness is defined as “The state of activity or tension of a muscle beyond that related to its physical properties, that is, its active resistance to stretch.” Muscle tightness can be a problem for both active and ...


How to Fit 30 Minutes of Cardio Into Your Day

Cardio exercises. For some, these two words inspire fear which raises the hair on the back of their neck. For others, these two words mean a lifestyle that they have become accustomed to and which they never want to part. No matter the camp you are currently in, cardio exercises ...

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Super Easy, Super Tasty Pork & Bean Burrito Bowl

Love your Taco Tuesdays? What about mixing it up with a burrito bowl instead? There’s nothing better than a tasty burrito, except perhaps this bowl version which gives in to your Mexican craving, whilst still ticking all the nutrition boxes. Finish it off with a hit of chilli, and you ...


Self-Massage: The Key to Optimal Sport Performance?

    Originally published as Does Self-Massage Improve Sports Performance? on April 25, 2017, by Randall Cooper. Massage has long been a staple component of the preparation and maintenance of sports people. Whilst there’s plenty of research yet to do, there’s an emerging body of evidence that sports massage is an effective tool in ...

Shot of a mother spending time with her newborn baby

How do you ditch the pressure to ‘bounce back’ after baby?

Article by Pinky McKay. “Tell me there is no one way to ‘do’ newborns. Tell me you just have to figure out what they need. Tell me they aren’t scary.” Emily has just had her third baby two weeks ago and she is overwhelmed. Her baby is overwrought with Emily’s ...


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